About us

About Us

About us

Flippin tickets is a ticket exchange platform that allows users to buy and sell tickets for events. We provide a safe and secure platform for users to exchange tickets for events such as concerts, sports games, and theater shows.

Our platform allows users to list tickets for sale, browse available tickets, and purchase tickets for events. We provide a seamless experience for users to buy and sell tickets, ensuring that all transactions are secure and reliable.


It should not take more than a few clicks to start selling your event tickets online. It definitely should not take a few clicks to buy a ticket online.


Using technology to make event planning effortless. It should take just a few clicks to secure an event ticket, or to start selling event tickets as well.

Core values

Our platform ensures that all transactions are completed in a timely manner and that users receive their tickets as promised.

Easily sell tickets, effectively market events, and use data to plan future events.



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